Escornabot Ogaki (w/o chassis, w/o microcontroller)



Have you heard of the Escornabot? It's a family of open source hardware educational robots originally created by a group of teachers in Spain. In a nutshell, the Escornabot is a DIY kit where, after soldering all of the components on the board, mounting the board on its plastic chassis, and programming the Arduino board on it, you end up with a ready to go educational product. 

The robot can then be used in -at least- three different educational activities: mounting the robot, programming it with code (using the Arduino IDE), and controlling it from its keyboard using standard firmware.

Escornabots are meant to be used in primary education to teach kids about spacial orientation, basic mathematics, and computational thinking concepts like sequences and the like.
Escornabots are named after species of beetles. Ogaki, besides a Japanese city, is the name of one of those species.

This item includes all of the parts to mount your own Escornabot Ogaki with motors and battery holder. The only part missing is the plastic chassis. This means you will need a 3D printer to construct the final parts of the robot. You will also need a metal or glass ball and two rubber rings to build the chassis for the robot. The kit does NOT include an Arduino microcontroller board, you will have to purchase it separately. Note that this design is compatible with Arduino Micro and Arduino Nano.

Github repository:


For more information about the Escornabot project, feel free to visit their website at: 

For the 3D model of the Arduino Micro visit:

For the 3D model of the Stepper Motor visit:

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