Joselito Amplifier (mono) - embedded version



The Joselito Amplifier (mono) is a simple design that comes in a DIY kit for you to include a simple-yet-powerful sound amplifier to any of your designs. It can work both with a DC power supply or batteries (it had been tested to run in 10h day long cycles and it took over 8 days to exhaust a 9V battery, you make the math).

Comes with an on/off switch, power LED, mono audio jack, audio in on also a two pin connector, gain control through a trimmer, DC-power-barrel connector, screw power connector, screw audio out connector, and screw audio in connector. It's just 27 components to mount in a 70x70mm board with rounded corners and 3 mm screw holes for easy mounting.

Note: the speaker IS INCLUDED, we have tried the amplifier with all sorts of speakers like the one in the pictures which is a mid-range plastic speaker that perfectly fits the hole in the center of the board. We recommend 4 Ohm to 8 Ohm speakers.

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